Jagson Airlines Ltd

18-B,Sda Complex, Kasumati
Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, INDIA
Pincode - 171009
Management Details

Chairperson - Jagdish Pershad Gupta
MD - Jagdish Pershad Gupta
Directors - Bhuvi Kant, Jagdish P Gupta, Jagdish Pershad Gupta, Ram Pravesh, Ramesh Chandra Jain, Ravinder Hora, Sardar Singh Mudgal

1.4247 ( USD in Millions )
Business Operation

Total Income - Rs. 75.586351 Million ( year ending Mar 2009)
Net Profit - Rs. -70.936497 Million ( year ending Mar 2009)


Jagson Airlines Ltd. as one of the pioneers in the field of Air Taxi operations. The announcement of the open sky policy in 1991 opened up new vistas in the field of aviation. Jagson Airlines is the First Private Airline to avail of the opportunities accorded by this policy. The airlines commenced its operations in 1992 and since then it has been totally committed to providing efficient and safe aviation facilities.

Services provided by the company:

Jagson Airlines is committed to providing easy, comfortable, safe & reliable air services. Jagson Airlines after more than 6 years of operations still maintains an unblemished record of professional service.

  • On Ground services- Jagson assures a wide range of facilties in order to provide maximum convenience to its customers.
  • Charter Services- Over the past few years it has established an enviable track record in the area of the chartering of aircraft.
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