Umiya Ceramic

Umiya Ceramics, 8-A, National Highway Opp. Omkar Petrol Pump, Lalpar
Morbi, Gujarat, INDIA
Pincode - 363642
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Cement, Marble, Stone

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Umiya Ceramics was started in 1979 by a first generation entrepreneur Dr. M. V. Patel . He was a technocrat with rare business acumen and astute vision. He started the unit as a Small Scale Refractory with a capacity of 300 tpm. It produces High Alumina Refractories for Cement, Chemical, Power, Sugar, Petrochemical, Silicate, Glass, Steel and other Non-Ferrous Industries and Cordierite Kiln Furniture for Ceramic Industries. Over the years, Umiya Ceramics has become one of the most progressive units in Morvi (India). This is due to constant growth, innovative approach, continuous improvement in products and processes and introduction of new products. Umiya Ceramics plans to focus more on import substitutes and high end applications in the country. It is already poised to address global markets and will enhance its worldwide presence in the near future. The plant capacity will also be progressively upgraded.

Umiya Ceramics has a spacious plant premises with the most modern equipment and facilities. The Company follows Good Manufacturing Practices. It changed over from a Coal Firing Down Draft Kiln to an Oil Fired Continuous Tunnel Kiln in 1979. It has thus adopted a fuel saving, eco friendly contemporary technology. Its current capacity is 1000 TPM of Refractory Bricks and 500 TPM of Monolithics. Umiya Ceramics ensures smooth operations and productivity by maintaining adequate raw material inventory and reliable vendor development. Its sourcing of inputs ensures stable as well as cost-effective supply. The process layout is scientifically derived and affords a contamination-free environment. A state of the art workshop helps regular machine maintenance as well as development of patterns.

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