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A.L.A. Chemicals is a pioneer in the manufacture of PVC additives in India having commenced operations in 1970. These additives are known as “heat stabilizers” as they impart thermal stability and prevent degradation of PVC polymer not only in processing but also during its service life.

These heat stabilizers are based on Lead, Tin, Barium/Cadmium/Zinc/Potassium and Calzuim/Zinc etc. A.L.A.’s philosophy has been to give the best technical assistance and guidance to its customers and we feel that our priority is to cater whatever the needs of the customers are by ensuring that maximum technical support is provided as per their needs.

A.L.A. Chemicals was established in 1970 as a three way technical and financial collaboration between Argus Chemicals, U.S.A., Lankro, U.K. & the Anand family to produce PVC additives.

In the late 80’s, due to stringent government regulations both Argus & Lankro withdrew and A.L.A. Chemicals became a wholly owned Indian company.

In 1992, it signed a technical collaboration with the Chemson group and was the first company in India to introduce lead based stabilizer/lubricant one-pack systems flake form in India.

In 2007, A.L.A. Chemicals was the first company to produce methyl tin stabilizer in India using their own technology and thereby joined a select group of producers of this in the world.

In 2008, it signed collaboration with Akcros, U.K. /U.S.A. to produce heavy metal free liquid stabilizer systems (Ba/Zn, Ca/Zn & K/Zn) mainly for flex-PVC.

In 2009, A.L.A. Chemicals started a trading division and represents exclusively very well-known overseas companies in India both in machinery and chemicals. These include – Molecor (Spain), Ankerpoort NV (Holland), Kum Yang (Korea) and Akcros Chemicals (U.K.)

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